The Biggest Airport in the World - Beijing Daxing Airport

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In this webpage you can find all the information regarding Beijing Daxing International Airport (PKX):


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Useful Numbers

Airport Call Center: 010-96158
Airport Complaint Line: 010-96158
Medical Center / Emergency Line: 010-81682120
Parking: 010-81688331
Post Office: 010-64592056
Lost & Found: 010-96158
Luggage Storage: 010-81688538/ 010-81688539
Luggage Tracking: 010-96158
Luggage Handling: 4008855100
Daxing Airport Taxis: 010-81688333
Daxing Airport Shuttle Buses: 010-81698565
Daxing Airport Subway: 010-87837266
Daxing Airport Railway: 12306

Useful Note

This site is an unofficial airport guide of Beijing Daxing International Airport. The aim is to assist all travelers by providing all useful and relevant information about the airport.