Transportation from Beijing Daxing Airport to Beijing City Center

Transfer Options from Beijing Daxing Airport to Beijing City Center

Landing at Daxing airport, you will find 4 options for your transportation to the center of Beijing. Daxing airport taxis will reach your destination in approximately 1 hour with an estimated fare of 165 RMB (21€ / 23$). On the other hand, if you are interested in using public transport means, you will have the possibility to choose between the affordable bus lines, the fast subway and the intercity trains. The journey with the local buses will take about 90 minutes * while the intercity railway will get you to Beijing West Railway Station in about 20-35 minutes. Lastly, if you use the innovative new airport metro line, you will disembark at Caoqiao Station in only 19 minutes and you will have to pay 35 RMB (4.4€ / 4.8$) for a one-way ticket.

How to get from Daxing Airport to Beijing City Center by Taxi

If you want to travel in comfort and easily reach your exact destination, Beijing Daxing airport taxis are the perfect choice for you. They are considered to be fairly affordable as their starting price is 1.60€ (13 RMB) for the first 3km. Upon that distance, the fee is 0,29€ (2.30 RMB) per kilometer. 

If the traffic conditions are normal and you won’t get blocked in traffic, you will get to Beijing city centre in about 1 hour.

How to get from Daxing Airport to Beijing City Center by Train

Alternatively, the rail link of the airport was thoroughly studied aiming to the fastest, safest and most convenient transportation possible. Beijing-Xiong’an Intercity Railway will link Daxing airport to Beijing West Railway Station while it will also serve Bazhou and Xiong’an areas. The trains of the particular line will travel at speeds up to 350km/h (250km/h for the distance between Beijing urban area and the airport and 350km/h for the rest of the route to Xiong’an). Beijing-Xiong’an Railway will operate from the very opening of the airport and will cover the distance between the new airport and the West Railway Station in 20 minutes.

How to get from Daxing Airport to Beijing City Center by Metro

Beijing’s subway system has also been extended to the new Beijing Daxing airport in order to further improve the airport’s ground transportation. Beijing South Railway Station won’t have a direct connection to Daxing airport, yet Line 20 (R4) will terminate at Daxing airport, serving the transfer needs among Beijing Capital airport, Xinghuo Railway Station, Beijing Railway Station and Daxing airport. R4 is going to be a rapid transit line as China is famous for its rapid transit systems. 

Another Daxing airport subway-metro option will also be available as the New Airport Line will be ready to operate by September 2019, connecting Daxing airport to the urban area of Beijing (Fengtai’s Lize Business District station, Cigenzhuang and Caoqiao). The stations of the new line will be underground while you will find two stops at the new airport (North Terminal and South Terminal). The trains of the New Line are expected to be the fastest in China, travelling up to 160km/h. Thus, you will be able to reach Beijing city center in only 19 minutes!

How to get from Daxing Airport to Beijing City Center by Car

If you intend to reach your destination in Beijing by car, you will find three highways (Beijing-Kaifeng G45 – Beijing-Taipei G3 – Beijing-Kunming G5 and Langzhuo Expressway S24) connecting Daxing airport respectively to the east, middle and west part of the city. The two of them already existed while the third was constructed especially for the airport’s needs. The specific roadwork is definitely going to optimize private transfers from Daxing airport and reduce considerably the time needed to reach Beijing. Therefore, it is estimated that the time needed to traverse the 46-km distance to the city-center will be approximately 1 hour.