Transportation from Beijing Daxing Airport to Beijing City Center

Transfer Options from Beijing Daxing Airport to Beijing City Center

Landing at Daxing airport, you will find 4 options for your transportation to the center of Beijing. Daxing airport taxis will reach your destination in approximately 80 minutes with an estimated fare of 220 RMB (29€ / 30.5$). On the other hand, if you are interested in using public transport means, you will have the possibility to choose between the affordable bus lines, the fast subway and the intercity trains. The journey with the local buses will take about 90 minutes and it will cost you 40RMB (5€ / 5.5$) while the intercity railway will get you to Beijing West Railway Station in about 20-35 minutes with a ticket fare of 30 RMB (3.8€ / 4.2$). Lastly, if you use the innovative new airport metro line, you will disembark at Caoqiao Station in only 19 minutes and you will have to pay 35 RMB (4.4€ / 4.8$) for a one-way ticket.


OptionsPrice (€)Price ($)Price (¥)Duration
Taxi2930.522080 min
Bus55.54090 min
Train3.84.23020 min
Subway4.44.83520 min

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How to get from Daxing Airport to Beijing City Center by Taxi

Daxing airport taxis are the perfect choice for you if you are a foreigner and you wish to travel by car, comfortably and stress-free, as international driver licenses aren’t accepted in China. Airport taxis are available 24/7 at the airport and will drive you to your hotel in Beijing city center in about 60-90 minutes. You can expect to be charged about 220 RMB (29€ / 30.5$) including toll fees (10 RMB). However, you should always keep in mind that Beijing is notorious for its traffic jams and therefore, the travel time may increase as well as the final taxi fare.

How to get from Daxing Airport to Beijing City Center by Bus

Six new shuttle bus lines were added to the Beijing bus network to connect Daxing airport to Beijing city center. The bus Lines 1-5 run daily from 7:30am to 11:00pm while the airport bus line 6 operates only during the night shift. One–way tickets cost 40 RMB (5€ /5.5$). Explicitly, the airport shuttle bus routes are as follows:


Bus LineFromToFirst RouteLast Route
Line 1Daxing AirportBeijing Main Railway Station7:30am11:00pm
Line 2Daxing AirportBeijing West Railway Station7:30am11:00pm
Line 3Daxing AirportBeijing South Railway Station7:30am11:00pm
Line 4Daxing AirportTongzhou7:30am11:00pm
Line 5Daxing AirportFangshan 7:00am11:00pm
Line 6Daxing AirportXuanwu Gate (Night Route)11:30pmUntil the last flight arrival

How to get from Daxing Airport to Beijing City Center by Train

The new Beijing – Xiong’an Intercity Railway can transfer you fast and comfortably to Beijing West Railway Station. The new rail line is already in use, yet its final phase (Daxing to Xiong’an Area) will be completed in the end of 2020. The bullet trains leave Daxing airport and arrive at Beijing West Railway Station in only 20 minutes while their one-way ticket costs 30 RMB (3.8€ / 4.2$). You can buy your tickets from the train station or online if you have or if you can use a chinese bank card. Moreover, at the end of 2022, the Intercity Railway Connector will be an additional option for travelling by train to Beijing, connecting Daxing airport to Langfang, Yizhuang and Tongzhou Districts and to Beijing Capital International Airport as well.

How to get from Daxing Airport to Beijing City Center by Metro

The New Airport Subway Line is the recent addition to Beijing metro system connecting Daxing airport to Caoqiao Station in only 19 minutes. The subway tickets cost 35 RMB (4.4€ / 4.8$) and 25 RMB (3.1€ / 3.5$) if your drop-off station is Daxing Xincheng Station. The New Line runs from 6:30am to 10:30pm and the waiting time between trains is 8.5-10 minutes. In the future, the New Airport Line is going to extend up to Lize Business District Station. However, for now, you will have to change subway lines in order to reach your final destination in Beijing city center.  

What’s more, Line R4 (Transit Line 20) will be also put in use in the future, linking the two Beijing airports (Daxing Airport and Beijing Capital Airport), Xinghuo and Beijing Railway Station.

How to get from Daxing Airport to Beijing City Center by Car

If you intend to reach your destination in Beijing by car, you will find three highways (Beijing-Kaifeng G45 – Beijing-Taipei G3 – Beijing-Kunming G5 and Langzhuo Expressway S24) connecting Daxing airport respectively to the east, middle and west part of the city. The two of them already existed while the third was constructed especially for the airport’s needs. The specific roadwork is definitely going to optimize private transfers from Daxing airport and reduce considerably the time needed to reach Beijing. Therefore, it is estimated that the time needed to traverse the 46-km distance to the city-center will be approximately 1 hour. 


How can I get from Daxing airport to Beijing city center?

If you land at Daxing airport and your hotel is located at Beijing city center, you have 4 available options for your transportation: the comfortable Daxing airport taxis, the Daxing airport shuttle buses, the Beijing – Xiong’an Intercity Railway and the fast New Airport Subway Line.

What is the fastest way to reach Beijing city center from Daxing airport?

The New Airport Metro Line will get you to Caoqiao Station in only 19 minutes. However, as the subway line isn’t completed, if your final destination isn’t near this area, you will have to change to another line.

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