Daxing Airport Taxis

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Why Take a Daxing Airport Taxi

Daxing airport taxis are the most comfortable way to reach your accommodation. Running 24/7, Daxing airport taxis will take you to your final destination hassle-free. Just get in the line at the taxi stand, take the first available vehicle, let the taxi driver put your luggage in the trunk and give him your hotel’s name and address. As many drivers don’t speak English, it is always preferable to have your accommodation address written down to prevent any misunderstandings. In any case, you will arrive at your desired point stress-free without worrying about losing your way around the complex Beijing streets.

Nevertheless, taking a taxi from Daxing airport is not the fastest way to travel. Beijing road network is notorious for the traffic jams, so be prepared to spend some time inside your cab. The worst traffic conditions are witnessed between 7:00am – 9:00am and 5:00pm – 8:00pm while during the night shift (12:00am – 5:00am) the number of taxis decreases.

Daxing Airport Taxi Fares and Prices

The distance between Daxing airport and Beijing city center is about 48km. Hence, the estimated price for your ride to the heart of the city is approximately 220 RMB (29€ / 30.5$) including toll fees (10 RMB) but without considering any waiting time cost. The travel time ranges from 60-90 minutes, depending on the congestion of the roads.

Taxis in Daxing Airport

Daxing Airport Taxi Fees to Popular Destinations

Take a look at a short list of the assessed taxi fares to the most popular routes and destinations around Beijing:


FromToPrice (€)Price ($)Price (¥)Duration
Daxing AirportBeijing City Center2930.522080 min
Daxing AirportBeijing South Railway Station212417580 min
Daxing AirportTian’anmen Square25.52820085 min
Daxing AirportTemple of Heaven192115080 min
Daxing AirportSummer Palace30.533.524095 min
Daxing AirportBeijing North Railway Station25.52820090 min
Daxing AirportWangfujing Street2224170100 min
Daxing AirportForbidden City25.52820085 min

Daxing Airport Taxi Tips

  • Travelling by taxi is a good idea if you are a foreigner, as non-Chinese citizens aren’t allowed to drive in Beijing even if they own an international driver license.
  • No matter how comfortable and “easy-going” taxi services may be, you should always be aware of the huge Beijing traffic jams during peak hours and perhaps avoid taking a taxi if the weather is rainy or snowy.
  • Most of the Chinese taxi drivers don’t speak English, so it is always useful to have your hotel address written down.
  • The starting tariff for the Daxing airport taxis is 13 RMB (1.6€ / 1.8$) for the first 3km. Consequently, the fare changes into 2.3 RMB (0.29€ / 0.32$)/km. If the distance to your destination is more than 15km, the charge from the 15 km and above will be 3.4 RMB (0.43€ / 0.47$)/km.
  • Taxi drivers accept payment in cash (RMB) or via Beijing Transportation Smart Card, Wechat, Alipay and UnionPay. Unfortunately, international credit cards cannot be used
  • During the night shift, the total taxi fare is 20% higher.
  • If you plan to organize a long-distance trip, you can negotiate a flat fee with your taxi driver.
  • Carpool is widely applied in Beijing, reducing the final taxi fare up to 40% (the relevant chinese application DiDi is available at Daxing Airport).
  • You should always watch out for the notorious Beijing “black taxis”, which are unauthorized and aim to scam or overcharge travelers who are not familiar with Beijing.


How much does a Daxing airport taxi to Beijing city center cost?

The total taxi fare from Daxing airport (PKX) to Beijing city center is approximately 220 RMB (29€ / 30.5$). Nevertheless, during the night shift (00:00-5:00) the final price is 20% higher. You should reach your final destination in the city center of Beijing in about 60-90 minutes if the traffic conditions are normal.

How can I pay for the taxi fare?

Beijing taxi drivers accept payment in cash (RMB). You can also use Transportation Smart Card, Wechat, Alipay and UnionPay. However, you can’t use an international card to pay for the taxi fee.