Daxing Airport Parking Services

More than 9.000 Parking Spots Available at the New Daxing Airport!

Parking Spots Available at Daxing Airport

North and South-located of the Daxing airport terminal, the 2 airport parking buildings can accommodate up to 4.200 vehicles while their distance from the central terminal area is short and the passengers’ access easy and comfortable. What’s more, you can also park your car in one of the 4.800 parking places located it the outside area of the Terminal. Therefore, Daxing airport offers up to 9.000 parking spots in total!

Daxing Airport Parking Information Desks

If you face any problem concerning the parking process, you can address it to the Information Counters on the 2nd floor of each parking building (Buildings P1 and P2). The service runs 24/7.

Daxing Airport Parking Fees

The cost for the airport’s parking services is relevant to the Beijing Capital airport’s. Therefore:


Vehicle TypeFirst 15 Min30 Min - 1 Hr1 Hr - Every 30 Min AfterLong Term
Small (Up to 19 seats)Free6 RMB (0.7€ / 0.8$)5 RMB (0.6€ / 0.7$)80 RMB (10€ / 11$)
Large (19 or more seats)Free5 RMB (0.6€ / 0.7$)10 RMB (1.2€ / 1.4$)160 RMB (20€ / 22.5$)

Automatic Airport Parking Services

AGV automatic parking robots can handle your parking process at Daxing airport. For the time being, they are available only at P2 parking building. These parking robots will help you out if you simply head to one of the four specific transfer stations. Leave your car there, enter your data in order to get a QR code and…that’s all! The innovative parking technology will identify the vehicle’s size and park it accordingly. As soon as your car is parked, you will receive a message with a QR code. Using that code, you will get your car back when leaving the airport. The whole process won’t take more than 2 minutes. Additionally, you can choose the exact pick-up time and the robots will have your vehicle delivered right on time.

Airport Parking Services for Special Needs Passengers

People with disabilities or reduced mobility can enjoy a perfect, hassle-free parking experience. There are designated parking areas for disabled passengers in both parking buildings and you can easily book your spot through the phone. Even if you don’t manage to arrive on time, your reserved parking space will be available for another 30 minutes. The service operates around the clock at the Parking Information Counters. Moreover, there is wheelchair support as well as escort services are at your disposal. You must simply make the relevant appointment.

Phone Number: 010-81688331

Car Covers

Are you going to park your vehicle at Daxing airport for a few days? Call the Parking Information Desk and reserve a car cover to keep your vehicle as protected as possible. Just let them know about your arrival time and your car cover will be handed to you as soon as you enter the parking area, no matter the day or time. However, you should keep in mind that you have to return it before your departure!

Phone Number: 010-81688331

Car-Wash Services

At parking area of Daxing airport, you can also enjoy car-wash services so that you maintain your car in perfect condition!

Services for Electric Vehicles

52 charging stations are already in use for electric vehicles. In the near future, the charging stations’ number will rise to 600 while there will be a specific area for electric taxis’ charging needs.