Daxing Airport Shuttle Bus

Connections with the six major hubs of Beijing

Shuttles and Buses from and to Daxing Airport

Six bus lines handle the passengers’ transfer to and from Daxing airport. Each line is designed to connect the airport to one of the central Beijing city areas in approximately 80 minutes, depending on the traffic conditions. Frequent itineraries, affordable prices and shuttle routes passing from the major city hubs are the key factors to use this type of public transportation. What’s more, Daxing airport buses are electric and can handle the transportation of up to 16 passengers. In the future, as the passengers’ traffic of the airport increases, larger bus-vehicles will be used. It is also stated that additionally, 6 interregional routes will operate linking Daxing airport to Tianjin, Langfang, Tangshan and Baoding while new airport shuttle lines are expected to be put in use in the future. 

Daxing Airport Bus Lines

Check out explicitly the 6 Daxing airport bus lines:


Bus LineFromToFirst RouteLast Route
Line 1Daxing AirportBeijing Main Railway Station7:30am11:00pm
Line 2Daxing AirportBeijing West Railway Station7:30am11:00pm
Line 3Daxing AirportBeijing South Railway Station7:30am11:00pm
Line 4Daxing AirportTongzhou7:30am11:00pm
Line 5Daxing AirportFangshan 7:00am11:00pm
Line 6Daxing AirportXuanwu Gate (Night Route)11:30pmUntil the last flight arrival

Operating Hours

The bus lines operate 4-10 routes daily to their final destination, optimizing the airport transportation system. Therefore, there is an available bus route every 30 minutes during the daytime. The 5 day-shift shuttles run from 7:00am to 11:00pm and Line 6 (the night-time itinerary) handles the transfers during the late shift (11:30pm until the last flight arrival).

Shuttle/Bus in Daxing Airport

Where is the Bus Station at Daxing Airport?

The Daxing airport bus stop is located on the east side of the 1st floor of the terminal building. Plenty of directional signs all over the airport will lead you to the designated bus station.

Daxing Airport Bus Phone Number: 010-81698565

Bus Tickets

The regular one-way airport bus tickets from Daxing airport cost 40RMB (5€ / 5.5$) for an adult. For the moment, tickets are only available through WeChat app or at WeChat vending machines.

Daxing Airport Intercity Buses

As far as intercity buses are concerned, the Daxing airport bus to Tianjin runs 4 times a day and the ticket price is 75 RMB (9.5€ / 10.5$) whereas if you travel to Langfang, you will find two daily routes and you will have to pay 35 RMB (4.4€ / 4.8$) for your ticket. Additionally, the Daxing airport bus to Tangshan has 4 everyday itineraries and the fee is 120 RMB (15.3€ / 16.7$) for an ordinary ticket. Lastly, the bus line to Baoding leaves Daxing airport 4 times per day and costs 70 RMB (9€ / 9.7$).

The intercity bus station of Daxing airport is placed at the west 1st floor of the terminal building.


FromToPrice (€)Price ($)Price (¥)DurationTimetable
Daxing AirportTianjin Bus/Railway Stations9.510.575150 min7:00/14:00
Daxing AirportLangfang Bus Station4.44.83590 min8:30-20:30 Every 1 Hour
Daxing AirportTangshan West Bus Station15.316.7120180 min10:00/12:00/18:00/20:00
Daxing AirportBaoding Terminal99.770180 min7:00/10:00/14:00/17:00


How can I get from Daxing airport to Beijing city center by bus?

Depending on your hotel’s exact location, you can choose one of the 6 Daxing airport bus lines. Buses run every 30 minutes and the travel time to the heart of Beijing is approximately 80 minutes.

How much does the bus ticket from Daxing airport to Beijing city center cost?

The new Daxing airport shuttle buses cost 40RMB (5€ / 5.5$) for an ordinary one-way ticket. The airport buses are electric and their capacity is limited to a maximum of 16 passengers.