Daxing Airport Guide

Useful Information and Tips about the New Airport in Beijing

General Airport Information

The glorious Daxing airport is the second biggest world’s aerodrome and the second Beijing aviation hub along with Beijing Capital Airport (PEK). The giant “starfish” is innovatively designed in order to be completely functional (the walking distance to each gate is no more than 600 meters), ecologically friendly and luxuriously stunning at the same time. Located in Daxing District, in a 46-km distance from Beijing city center, the US $17.47 billion Chinese colossal master plan is here to decongest the overcrowded old Beijing airport and is expected to eventually serve 100 million passengers annually.


The airport with the second biggest terminal building in the world has five corridors and a large central area where all the airport’s facilities are located. The airport’s design is so groundbreaking that despite the building’s size, the passengers don’t need more than an 8-minute walk to reach their gate. The arrivals are separated from the departures occupying 2 floors each. In the future, a second terminal building –the South Terminal- is planned to be added to Daxing airport complex.


The hotel options near the new airport are varied. According to the disposable budget, the personal preferences and the journey purpose, you can find luxurious 5-star hotels, cosy motels, low-cost hostels and comfy B&B choices. However, you should always keep in mind that some accommodations don’t accept reservations from non-Chinese citizens.

Facilities and Services

Daxing airport has the second biggest terminal and is one of the most technologically advanced airports globally. Designed to minimize the waiting lines and all the passenger’s hassle, the new Beijing airport has adopted cutting-edge procedures for traveler’s and luggage checking-in while the airport is designed to operate in the most environmental-friendly way possible. Check out Daxing airport’s facilities and services and optimize the time spent there.


Enjoy convenient, secure and pocket-friendly parking services at Daxing airport. More than 4.200 parking spots inside the two Parking Buildings and 4.800 ones on the outside area of the airport are available to accommodate your vehicle. Automatic parking robots raise the services’ level while you can enjoy amenities such as car washing and electric charge stations. 

Layover at the Airport

Are you stuck at Daxing airport waiting for your transit flight? Multiple-hours waiting time can be a real hassle and is certainly a waste of time. Make the most of your layover at Daxing airport time and enjoy a “mini-vacation” experience between your flights. Get your 24-hour visa-free entry and with your Temporary Entry Card on hand, explore Beijing and its most popular sightseeing places. Diversely, if you don’t have the mood or the money to leave the airport, at Daxing airport you will discover plenty of things to do so that you still get to enjoy your downtime.