Daxing Airport Train

Learn Everything about the Railway Services from Daxing Airport

Train Lines from Daxing Airport

Landing at Daxing airport (PKX), passengers can use the Beijing – Xiong’an Intercity Railway to travel to West Beijing Train Station. The particular line also handles the transfers to Bazhou and Xiong’an districts. In its final construction phase (until the end of 2020), the intercity train line will have six stations in total. However, for the moment the Rail Line passes only through 3 stations during its journey, Daxing Airport Station, Beijing Daxing Station and Beijing West Railway Station. 

A second railway line (Intercity Railway Connector) will be added to the airport’s transportation network, connecting Daxing terminal to Beijing Capital International Airport as well as to the areas of Langfang, Yizhuang and Tongzhou. The first stage of the Railway Connector’s construction is anticipated to be ready till the end of 2022. 

Daxing Airport Train Time Schedules

The new Daxing airport Intercity line is fast and efficient. Travelling with 250km/h, the high-speed trains traverse the distance between the airport and the West Railway Station in only 20 minutes. In fact, when the second phase of the line completes, the fast bullet trains will travel from the airport to Xiong’an area with 350km/h! Initially, 6 trains are running daily but as the airport passenger traffic is expected to rise progressively, the train schedule will adjust to the new needs too.

The bullet trains operate from 8:20am to 10:50pm while 24 rail routes run on a daily basis.

Where is the Railway Station at Daxing Airport?

You will have to reach the transportation center at the B1 terminal floor to find the railway station. Indicating signs are available throughout the airport while the station is connected to the main terminal area by escalators.

Train Ticket Prices

You will find the Daxing airport train station located at -2 floor. The station is connected to the main terminal area by escalators. The ordinary one-way ticket from the new airport to West Railway Station is 30 RMB (3.8€ / 4.2$) and tickets are available either directly from the train station or online (although you have to own a Chinese bank card in that case). If you decide to buy your tickets online, you will just scan your QR code to enter the train. In any case, you will have to display your passport to buy your ticket.

However, if you are interested in travelling first-class, you will have to pay 48 RMB (6€ / 6.7$) whereas the business-class tickets cost 90 RMB (11.5€ / 12.5$). Moreover, you can enjoy up to 20% discounts according to the scheduled time of departure.


Ticket OptionsPrice (€)Price ($)Price (¥)
First Class66.748
Business Class11.512.590

Useful Tips

  • The trains of the new line are far more spacious as they have 2+2 seats in a row (instead of 3+2). Therefore, more luggage space is provided. 
  • You will also find special racks to store your luggage. The dedicated luggage areas are adequate and commodious.
  • Each bullet train offers free Wi-Fi. 
  • Passengers have the possibility to check-in automatically, without paper tickets. The e-ticket service is extremely convenient as you simply have to scan your QR code. 
  • Beijing West Railway Station is an important Beijing transportation hub. Therefore, you can easily find taxis and buses to get to your final destination. Furthermore, Beijing Metro Lines 7 and 9 are available at West Railway Station.


How can I reach Beijing city center from Daxing airport by train?

The new Beijing – Xiong’an Intercity Railway Line can transfer you comfortably from Daxing Airport to Beijing West Railway Station in approximately 20 minutes.  The airport trains run daily from 8:20am to 10:50pm.

How much do the train tickets from Daxing airport cost?

The regular ticket from Daxing airport to Beijing West Railway Station is 30 RMB (3.8€ / 4.2$). Nevertheless, first-class tickets are also available for 48 RMB (6€ / 6.7$) as well as business-class tickets which have a price of 90 RMB (11.5€ / 12.5$).