Facilities and Services at Daxing Airport

One of the Most Technologically Advanced Airports Globally

Beijing Daxing International Airport (PKX)GuideFacilities & Services


Daxing airport’s constructors and designers deeply respected the environment and were fully aware of the necessity to use eco principles. To start with, the terminal building is designed to allow the natural light in. Therefore, no extra lightning is really necessary during the day-time. Furthermore, the building’s heating and cooling are based on geothermal energy while photovoltaic cells are widely used to provide a significant amount of the total power the airport needs. In fact, Daxing airport parking building is completely power efficient. What’s more, the new China international airport collects and uses the rainwater to cover some of its operational demands.

Self-Service Check-in | Facial Recognition 

Passengers have access to more than 400 check-in points where they can do their checking-in by themselves. Hence, as the check-in machines are extremely advances, the total process shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes of your time!

Moreover, forget all you know about the boarding controls and baggage-checking. With the help of a facial recognition system, passengers will be “scanned” and automatically all the relevant details will be on hand (flight number, gate, time of flight etc.). No more need for passports, papers and time-consuming checks.

Easy Safety-Controls Technology

Daxing airport adopts new technology which can detect any due-to-age face changes. Thus, passengers can scan their ID to the first control-point and just scan their face to the next safety checks. 

Smart Luggage Systems

After landing at Daxing airport, you won’t have to wait for long. Your luggage will be delivered to you within 13 minutes. Additionally, the new Beijing airport applies a baggage-tracking method, based on radio-frequency devices, to prevent luggage loss.

Customs Clearance

No more complicated customs procedures. At Daxing Airport, you can board only with your ID card or your passport.

Easily Reachable Gates

The “starfish” new China airport has a central terminal area surrounded by corridors which lead to the gates. Hence, even though Daxing Terminal is the second biggest airport terminal of the world, passengers only need 8 min (600 meters’ distance at maximum) to reach their boarding gate.

Flights Transfer Convenience 

If you have to transit to another flight at Daxing Airport, you will be glad to know that the whole transfer from flight-to-flight process won’t exceed 60 minutes. 

Visa Requirements

Passengers from the 53 chosen countries, can travel to Beijing without visa required. However, their stay must last up to 144 hours. At Daxing Airport, the selected foreigners can fill the necessary paperwork upon their arrival.

Check out which countries have visa-free access: (http://cy.chineseembassy.org/eng/lsqw/t1567073.htm)

5G Base Station

A 5-G base station operates at Daxing airport, allowing its passengers to surf with unbelievable speed. In fact, the airport can support up to 100 thousand people using the web! In addition, passengers can easily purchase a Sim Card if they wish to. 


In the north and the south side of Daxing airport, there are 2 buildings dedicated to the airport parking needs. Four-stores each, the parking areas offer 4.000 parking spots while they are very close to the airport central hub. Robot-technology is being also used!

Layover at Daxing Airport

You will really enjoy the waiting time at Daxing airport. Countless restaurants and food-options and numberless shops where you can buy whatever you wish for, are “spread” in a huge central area with almost no columns, a fact that gives travelers a unique sense of freedom. What’s more, Daxing airport is a real “work of art”. Numerous pieces of art are gathered here while 5 outdoors traditional Chinese gardens at the end of each departure lounge, promise passengers an elegant experience. 

Moreover, at Daxing airport, you will find:

  • Childcare
  • Nursery
  • Pet hotel
  • Company Showroom
  • Extensive luggage-storage points
  • Special facilities for disabled people