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Beijing Daxing International Airport (PKX)GuideFacilities & Services

144 hrs Visa
Passengers from the 53 chosen countries, can travel to Beijing without visa. However, their stay must last up to 144 hours. Thus, if you have a valid passport, a visa for a third country and an onward ticket with a specific seat on it, you can head to the airport immigration counter and fill the necessary paperwork (Arrival/Departure Card) so that you apply for the 144-hour visa-free permit. Please keep in mind that in this case, you are allowed to travel between Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei areas only.

Check out which countries have visa-free access in this link.

5G Wi-Fi
A 5-G base station operates at Daxing airport, allowing its passengers to surf with unbelievable speed. In fact, the airport can support up to 100 thousand people using the web! If you want to use the airport’s fast Wi-Fi, you can either connect directly through SMS or use your ID card at the self-service terminal devices. In addition, passengers can easily purchase a Sim Card if they wish to.
Airport Lounges
Daxing airport VIP lounges provided by certain airlines is an excellent way to spend waiting time while at Daxing airport. Only VIP members enjoy that privilege so you have to check if your airline has actually a lounge of its own and, furthermore, if you are allowed to use it. However, in some cases, membership is not obligatory, but you can pay to use these facilities.

The East Pacific Group takes action at Daxing airport, having created the luxurious and cozy East Traveler Lounge. Located at the 3rd floor (International Departures Area), the lounge offers high-quality services to passengers who want to kill their travel downtime or simply spoil themselves. Enjoy your coffee or meal, relax, attend to your business matters or even take a refreshing shower before taking off for your final destination. The Lounge is open around the clock while the payment options are varied (cash, payment with UnionPay, WeChat or Alipay).

Airport Ambassadors (Information Desks)
Throughout Daxing Airport Terminal Building, you will locate the Airport Ambassadors. Airport Ambassadors are at your complete disposal in order to solve any problems you may face and answer any questions you may have. Just find an information counter and a friendly Ambassador will gladly help you.
ATMs - Banks
Bank of China is present at Daxing airport with a branch located at the 4th terminal level. Moreover, ICBC has also opened a branch on the 4th floor, while Agricultural Bank and Beijing Bank can be found on the 3rd floor.

Operation Hours: 9:00am – 5:00pm

Baby Facilities – Children Area
Daxing Airport is family-friendly with facilities such as changing, baby sleeping and feeding rooms. Around the terminal building, there are 5 waiting spots (both in the domestic departures area and in the international waiting zone) specially designed for children and families, while amenities, such as heating and cooling devices for baby food and milk and baby toilets, make waiting time until boarding much more comfortable. Additionally, two dedicated playgrounds for children over 3 years old can be enjoyed 24/7 on the 3rd and 4th terminal levels.
Check-in Self Service – Smart Safety Control Technology
Passengers have access to more than 400 check-in points where they can do their checking-in by themselves. Hence, as the check-in machines are extremely advanced, the total process shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes of your time!

Moreover, forget all you know about the boarding controls and baggage-checking. With the help of a facial recognition system, passengers will be “scanned” and, automatically, all the relevant details will be on hand (flight number, gate, time of flight etc.). No more need for passports, papers and time-consuming checks.

Finally, Daxing airport adopts new technology which can detect any due-to-age face changes. Thus, passengers can scan their ID to the first control-point and just scan their face to the next safety checks.

Custom Declaration
If you are flying from Daxing airport, you are obliged to declare the following items at the declaration form which will be consequently handed to the Customs Office:

  • Electronic devices (camera, laptop, computer etc) valued over 5.000 RMB (641€ /708$) each
  • Cash up to 20.000 RMB (2566€ /2831$) or other currencies equal to 5.000$
  • Items made by 50 grams of gold, silver or other precious metals
  • Endangered animals and plants and biological species resource
  • Commercial samples and advertising items
  • Cultural relics
  • Any other item prohibited by the People’s Republic of China laws

If you have just landed at Daxing airport, you will have to declare:

  • Animals and animal products, biological products and microorganisms as well as any human products such as tissue and blood
  • If you carry more than 400 cigarettes, 100 cigars or 500 grams of tobacco as well as more than 1.5 litres of alcohol (12 degrees and above)
  • Cash up to 20.000 RMB (2566€ /2831$) or other currencies equal to 5.000$
  • Personal items worth 2.000 RMB (256€ /283$) or more (for foreigners)
  • Items bought abroad worth 5.000 RMB (641€ /708$) and more (for China-citizens)
  • Unaccompanied luggage
  • Commercial samples and advertising items
  • Any other item prohibited by the People’s Republic of China laws


Customs Prohibited Good
According to the People’s Republic of China regulations, you are not allowed to import in China:

  • Arms
  • Audiovisual opposed to Chinese morals Counterfeit money
  • Drugs
  • Live animals (except from dogs and cats)
  • Poisons

Diversely, you cannot export from China:

  • All the above
  • Audiovisual material including national secrets
  • Rare animals and plants

You can find more detailed info here.

Daxing Airport Hotel - Aerotel
Aerotel Beijing is located at the northeast terminal area of Daxing airport, within a 5 and 10 minutes walking distance from the domestic and international check-in counters respectively. The 215-room hotel provides unique accommodation services while the hotel’s Library Lounge, Fitness Center, 3 Meeting Rooms and Game Room guarantee that you will relax, enjoy and make the most of your stay.

Phone Number: +86 10 8921 0666

Flights Connection Convenience
Daxing airport is specially designed to meet the passengers’ demands and wishes. Convenience is the keyword concerning Daxing airport services and procedures. Hence, besides the only 8-minutes walking distance from the central terminal area to each of the boarding gates, the time needed to check-in to one flight after getting off from another is significantly less compared to Beijing Capital Airport.

From Domestic to Domestic Flight

If you land at Daxing Airport from a domestic flight and you have to change to another domestic one as the new Beijing airport isn’t your final destination, you should keep in mind that you will need only 30 minutes to get to your boarding area. 

From International to International Flight

Accordingly, the time required to get off from an international flight and reach the departure area for another international one is only 45 minutes.

From Domestic to International Flight

On the other hand, if you are arriving from a domestic destination and your next flight is international (or vice versa), the time needed to check-in for your upcoming flight is 60 minutes.

Foreign Exchange Currency
4 exchange offices are at your disposal at Daxing airport:

  • Shanghai Ctrip Currency Exchange – 1st Floor
  • Shanghai Easy Currency Exchange – 3rd Floor
  • Ice Currency Exchange – 4th Floor
  • Beijing United Currency Exchange – 4th Floor


Easily Reachable Gates
The “starfish” new China airport has a central terminal area surrounded by corridors which lead to the gates. Hence, even though Daxing Terminal is the second biggest airport terminal of the world, passengers only need 8 min (600 meters’ distance at maximum) to reach their boarding gate.
Eco-Friendly Airport
Daxing airport’s constructors and designers deeply respected the environment and were fully aware of the necessity to use eco principles. To start with, the terminal building is designed to allow the natural light in. Therefore, no extra lightning is really necessary during the day-time. Furthermore, the building’s heating and cooling are based on geothermal energy while photovoltaic cells are widely used to provide a significant amount of the total power the airport needs. In fact, Daxing airport parking building is completely power efficient. What’s more, the new China international airport collects and uses the rainwater to cover some of its operational demands.
Lost & Found
The Lost & Found Office is located at the 2nd level, in the west side of the airport Terminal. The Office operates 24/7.

Phone Number: +86 10 0109 6158

Luggage Services
Luggage Allowance

For domestic flights, you will enjoy a free, without any extra charges baggage transfer if your luggage is up to 20 kg. You are also allowed to carry one piece of hand luggage with dimensions 20X40X55 cm. The weight limit for business class passengers is 30 kg while passengers who travel first- class have a 40-kg limit for their checked luggage and can carry two pieces of hand luggage as long as they don’t exceed 5 kg in total.

For international routes, the baggage allowance is the same as above. However, if you travel to the country of your studies and you have a student visa or a student ID, your checked baggage can be up to 30 kg. Moreover, you can carry a 20X40X55 cm hand luggage which weighs up to 7 kg. You can check the size of your cabin luggage at the designated spot of the security checkpoint. If your bag fits there, it meets the criteria.

Each airline has its own baggage allowance which may be slightly different than the general route, so you should always check your airline’s special restrictions.

Luggage Storage

You will find extensive luggage storage areas at Daxing airport. In fact, you can store your personal items from 1 to 90 days, according to your needs. On the east side of the domestic arrivals hall (2nd floor), the Storage Area is available from 7:00am to 10:00pm while the Baggage Storage on the east side of the international departure hall operates 24/7. On the other hand, if you want to store your belongings only temporarily, you can head to the Lost & Found Office at the west side of the 2nd airport level. The service is available 24/7.

Phone Number: 010-81688538 / 81688539.

Luggage Tracking

The new Beijing airport applies a baggage-tracking method, based on radio-frequency devices, to prevent luggage loss and possible delays. Hence, you can track your baggage through the Daxing airport App or SMS or even via the display screen inside the airport. The service is available around the clock.

Phone Number: +86 10 0109 6158

Luggage Wrapping

Luggage wrapping services are provided at Daxing airport. Available from 5:00am until the last flight departure, you will find the designated packing areas on the B1 level and on the east and west side of the domestic and international departure halls.

Luggage Handling Services

Paid Luggage Handling Services are also available. You can make your reservation by telephone and have your luggage delivered to your point of preference inside the airport. Do you think about anything more convenient? The service is at your disposal daily from 5:00am to 11:00pm (it further adjusts to the flights timetable in case one flight lands later than 11:00pm).

Phone Number: 4008855100

Luggage Delivery Services

Finally, you can have your baggage delivered to any area inside the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei district. Book the luggage delivery service and have your personal belongings transported to your final destination without any hassle. 

Operation Hours: 5:00am -11:00pm (or until the last flight)

Phone Number: 4008855100

Medical Rooms
Daxing Airport Medical Rooms can assist passengers with a wide range of general medical services. First aid practices, emergency medicines and all kinds of medical care visitors and employees that might be needed are on hand. Medical Stations and Emergency Rooms can be found at the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors

Phone Number: 010-81682120

Mobile Phone Charging Points
In the resting area of Daxing Terminal, you can find working desks where you have also the possibility to charge your devices.
In the north and the south side of Daxing airport, there are 2 buildings dedicated to the airport’s parking needs. Four-stores each, the parking areas offer 4.200 parking spots while they are very close to the airport central hub. Furthermore, 4.800 additional parking spaces are available at the terminal’s outside area. Robot-technology is also being used!

If you face any problems concerning parking, you will find two Help Counters on the 2nd level of each parking building.

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Post Services
If you are in a need to post something at Daxing airport, you have two available options. Firstly, you can use the Post Office, located at the Arrivals Hall, opposite of Gate 2.  You will enjoy quality post services and, furthermore, you will have the possibility to purchase newspapers and magazines. The Post Office runs from 7:00am to 8:00pm. The other alternative is YTO Express or JD Express. You will find the express delivery company on the the 2nd and 3rd floor (domestic arrivals area / international departures area) operating from 5:30am to 11:00pm.

Phone Number: 010-64592056

Smoking Policy
Smoking is strictly prohibited inside Daxing airport. However, there are two smoking areas on the outside of the 4th floor, near Gates 3 and 4. Moreover, another 2 outdoors spots are located near Gates 9 and 10, on the 3rd floor, while on the 1st floor, you can walk outside, near Gates 17 and 18, and enjoy your cigarette.
Special Needs Passengers
Passengers with special needs are extremely taken care of at Daxing airport. First of all, disabled persons or people with reduced mobility enjoy a friendly barrier-free environment with special ramps and all the necessary requirements to facilitate their access. Overall, passengers with special needs (and such as are considered in general the elderly, children, pregnant women, the diseased and people with disabilities) are provided with free wheelchairs and baby strollers, free escort and baggage transportation services and even a free car battery change. What’s more, there is a free winter clothes safekeeping. In order to secure the best services, you have to make a reservation at the airport’s Help Desk, over the phone or online.
Tax Refund Services
Foreigners and tourists from Hong Kong, Macao SAR and Taiwan who haven’t stayed in China for more than 183 days, can enjoy a tax refund for their purchases provided that they had bought goods worth at least 500RMB (63.65€ / 70.50$) from the same shop in the previous 90 days and they themselves carry the items at the airport. The tax rate is between 11% and 8% but as there is a 2% fee for the tax refund services, it is actually 6%-9%. To apply for a tax refund, you need to head to the China Customs, located at the International Departure Zone of Daxing airport, and hand the bought items and Application Form of Departure Tax Refund which must have been fulfilled at the store. The refund is made in RMB, in cash if the total amount is up to 10.000 RMB or through bank transfer.
Temporary Flight Certificate
If you have lost or forgotten your personal documents (IDs and passports), Daxing airport provides an electronic process in order to acquire a temporary flight certificate and manage to travel as planned.
Traditional Chinese Gardens
Five gardens have been added to the end of each departure corridor in order to offer Daxing airport’s passengers an “elegant” waiting experience. Inspired by the Chinese history, the traditional gardens are named after their theme: “Silk Garden”, “Tea Garden”, “Porcelain Garden”, “Countryside Garden” and “Chinese Garden” will certainly be a refreshing touch to your check-in and boarding procedure.
Travel Experiences
During your transit waiting time, you can participate at private or shared travel experiences. Varied from half hour to 6 hours, join one of the Daxing airport travel tours and make the most of your transit time.
Travel Insurance
Scanning your QR code, you can buy travel insurance to enjoy your stay in Beijing worry-free. To do so, you can use your phone or the automatic insurance machines located at the 2nd and 4th floor and at the B1 transportation center as well. Furthermore, you will find airport ambassador desks near the vending machines in case any kind of help is needed. Thereby, you can be protected from fraud, stolen luggage, flight delays and medical expenses.
Restrooms are scattered all over the airport, in all the floors of the huge terminal building. What’s more, next to most of the toilets, there are gender-free bathrooms, while toilets specially designed for people with disabilities are naturally provided in every restroom.
VIP Services
Cater yourself and simplify your travelling experience having Capital Airport VIP Services by your side. A wide variety of VIP services (from the very first moment you land to Daxing airport until your take-off) will make your journey completely hassle and stress-free. Information services, transportation arrangements, even hotel pick-up are at your disposal 24/7. Moreover, all payment methods (from cash to credit cards, WeChat and Alipay) are accepted.

Booking Line: 400-1155000

Yoga Room
If you love yoga, you will be very pleased to know that Daxing airport has a Yoga Room at the International Departures Area (3rd Floor). Relax yourself before your flight and keep your practice schedule at the same time!