Daxing Airport Airlines

Which airlines will move to the biggest airport in the world?


Daxing airport (PKX) is going to be one of the biggest (if not the biggest) and busiest airports in the world. Therefore, the airlines’ decision on whether to move their activities from Beijing Capital International Airport to the new Beijing aviation hub was based on multiple factors and was laborious. That’s the reason why the case is still vague for most of the airways. So, which ones are going to be present at Daxing airport for sure?

The Skyteam Alliance is probably the most important transfer to the new airport, at least for the time being. The global airline association has decided to move its activities to the new promising airport. Accordingly, the 19 airlines-members of the Skyteam will operate at Daxing airport from day one.  Among them, China Eastern and China Airlines (the last air carrier would have to move anyway as Nayuan airport, which at present accommodates China Airlines flights, is going to close permanently when Daxing airport will finally be open). All the members of the famous alliance are:

  •  Aeroflot
  •  Aerolineas Argentinas
  •  AeroMexico
  •  Air Europa
  •  Air France
  •  Alitalia
  •  China Airlines
  •  China Eastern
  •  Czech Airlines
  •  Delta
  •  Garuda Indonesia
  •  Kenya Airways
  •  KLM
  •  Korean Air
  •  MEA
  •  Saudia
  •  Tarom
  •  Vietnam Airlines
  •  Xiamen Air

Air China, despite being a Star-Alliance member, is expected to share its activities between the two airports, Beijing Capital and Daxing airport.

On the other hand, China Southern Airlines, the other one of the “Big Three” airlines of China (besides Air China and China Eastern Airlines) has also declared its relocation to Daxing airport. Although China Southern is no longer a member of the Skyteam, the company is nevertheless expected to be one of the main carriers, undertaking almost 30% of the total flights of the new airport.

Beijing Capital Airlines, besides what their official name may imply, will also resettle their work field at Daxing airport. Beijing Capital Airlines is a low-cost Chinese air transportation company, subsidiary of Hainan Airlines. Even though the parent company is going to stay at Beijing Capital Airport, the affiliated firm will explore the potential that the new hub has to offer.

Hebei Airlines is another airline which has conclusively decided to use the new airport. Hebei Airlines offers mostly domestic flights and is going to be an important addition to Daxing’s flight schedule.

What’s more, Shanghai Airlines, subsidiary of China Eastern Airlines, will naturally follow its parent company to Daxing.

Finally, the direct flights to and from London (Heathrow Airport) run by British Airways will take off and land to the newly established airport while Finnair decided to connect Helsinki to Beijing through Daxing airport. The polish airlines LOT also reported their presence in Daxing and the fleet of Malaysia Airlines will for now on land exclusively to the new aerodrome.

It’s also important to note that some of the mentioned airlines intend to move to Daxing airport immediately while the relocation of others is going to be gradual. In addition, although initially the Civil Aviation Authority of China (CAAC) defined that domestic airlines wouldn’t be allowed to operate at both Beijing airports, this regulation changed unexpectedly giving China Eastern and Air China the chance to carry out a few flights from Beijing Capital and Daxing airport respectively. Foreign airlines have the possibility to operate at both airports without any restriction.

Still, since the time period until the airport’s grand opening is significant, the barrage of developments concerning the “residents” of Daxing airport is expected to be captivating. In any case, it is advised to always double-check your departure and arrival airports as many airlines such as Air China will fly from both airports.