Coronavirus: Symptoms & Prevention

Airport and City Guide to Stay Protected from the New Virus Outbreak


What Coronavirus is?

The new Corona Virus (officially named Covid-19) is a member of Coronaviruses family. Those viruses are known to infect animals, but in some cases, they can be transmitted from animals to humans. In the new Corona Virus case, the virus is supposed to have jumped to humans in a wet market in Wuhan, China, where both live and dead animals were for sale. For the moment, the fatality rate of the new virus is relatively low, at 2% of the known cases, however, there are fears that this rate might be higher if the virus is mutated. 

What are the Symptoms of the Coronavirus?

The main symptoms of the new Corona Virus, according to the WHO (World Health Organization), are unfortunately similar to seasonal flu symptoms. Therefore, it is very difficult to diagnose it quickly. Hence, the first indications that a person may show are:

  • Fever
  • Cough or sore throat
  • Fatigue
  • Breathing difficulties

These symptoms can further lead to respiratory problems, pneumonia and even death. 

The symptoms usually appear 10-24 days after the person has been infected with Corona Virus. Nonetheless, it is claimed that the virus may be contagious even from patients who haven’t started showing any symptoms.

How to Protect yourself from Coronavirus at Daxing Airport

If you are going to travel from and to Daxing Airport, there are a few simple tips to protect yourself from Coronavirus contamination. Of course, a 100% protection isn’t an option but in any case, if you take the regular precautions for any flu, you will be much safer as the new virus is transmitted the same way as the seasonal flu, that is via droplets from infected patients. So, that’s what to do when at Daxing Airport:

  1. Hand washing is of utmost importance. Wash your hands as often as possible, especially before eating, after using the bathroom facilities etc., preferably with warm water and in any case, for no less than 20 seconds. 
  2. Alternatively, you can use a hand sanitizer. It is always recommended to carry one with you. However, keep in mind that hand washing is always more effective. 
  3. Don’t touch your mouth, nose or eyes with dirty hands. It’s something everybody constantly does and it’s the perfect way for viruses to enter a person’s body. 
  4. If you want to cough or sneeze, always use a tissue and get immediately rid of it afterwards. 
  5. Avoid if possible any social body contacts (hand-shakes, cheek kissing etc.).
  6. Do not share food with other people or use the same dishware. 
  7. Avoid contact with ill persons (showing fever, cough etc.).
  8. The use of a face-mask is controversial. It doesn’t provide total protection while it becomes wet after using it for some time, creating a perfect environment for viruses and bacteria. Nevertheless, if you feel sick, you should definitely use it to prevent spreading germs to others.

Inside the Airplane:

  1.  If you want to use the tray tables inside the plane, you should first wipe them clean. The same goes for the bathroom handles, faucets etc. However, as this method hasn’t be proved utterly effective, you should also use a piece of disposable paper to cover the tray table before placing your things on it or touch the handles, faucets etc. again using a sheet of paper.
  2. You should know that the air inside the pane is healthier in comparison with buses or subways because of the filters used. 
  3. Air vents are germs heaven. Thus, you should place them so that they won’t blow air directly to your hands or face. 
  4. Don’t sit next to passengers who seem to be sick. 

Furthermore, there are special screening monitors at Daxing Airport which detect high body temperature so that to prevent sick passengers from travelling. Therefore, if you feel sick you must stay at home and cancel your trip while you must instantly visit a hospital if you feel ill when being in China or after flying from there. 

How to Protect yourself from Coronavirus at Beijing

If you are travelling to Beijing, you should follow all the previously stated guidelines as Coronavirus is widely spread throughout China. Additionally, the following tips will limit the possibilities of contamination:

  1. Wear gloves when exiting your accommodation and change them daily. 
  2. Open the windows at your accommodation to freshen the air and prevent germs from being spread.
  3. Avoid visiting animal markets.
  4. Wash your hands thoroughly after touching animals or animal products. However, you shouldn’t get in touch with ownerless animals at all. 
  5. Don’t consume raw food and pay attention not to bring raw food in contact with your cooked meals.
  6. Avoid, whenever possible, crowded places. 

Coronavirus: Myths & Facts

Myth: There is a vaccine developed for coronavirus.

Truth: All the major pharmaceutical companies are working on a vaccine for coronavirus and some progress has been in fact made as there are potential vaccines already being tested on animals. However, there is still a long way until a commercial vaccine for humans will be available.

Myth: There are deaths due to the coronavirus world widely.

Truth: For the moment, the virus has been spread over 28 countries. Nevertheless, the deaths related to the coronavirus are Chinese citizens. Apart from China, only one death in Hong Kong and one in the Philippines are due to the new virus. 

Myth: A face mask is effective against coronavirus. 

Truth: Face masks don’t offer a 100% protection against germs as the air can still circulate inside the fabric. Moreover, after some time of using them, they become moist creating the perfect conditions for viruses and bacteria. In any case, masks should be used by sick people to limit contamination. 

Myth: Eating garlic helps the fight against the new Corona Virus.

Truth: There is no scientific indication that garlic is effective against the new virus. 

Myth: Antibiotics can treat the new Coronavirus.

Truth: Antibiotics can only treat diseases caused by bacteria. So, there aren’t effective, nor can they prevent the new virus contamination.

Myth: You should put a mask on your pet as it can also be infected.

Truth: There is no indication or proof that companion animals can be infected by the new Corona Virus. Therefore, there is no reason to hassle your pet by putting a mask on it. 

Myth: Drinking bleach can cure the Corona Virus.

Truth: You mustn’t, under no circumstances, try this. Not only bleach doesn’t cure the new Corona Virus but drinking it can cause severe health problems.